Victor VM1000 Inert Gas Manifold System 500 PSIG

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Victor VM1000 Inert Gas Manifold System 500 PSIG
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System in excellent working order with control modual

Inlet:  500 PSIG
Outlet:  200 PSIG

Automatic Manifold Systems

The Victor VM1000 Series is a fully automatic system for use with liquid cylinders. The manifold gives an uninterrupted supply of gas as the primary bank of cylinders is depleted. At a preset pressure, the manifold automatically switches to the reserve bank. The system eliminates the need for the operator to change switches or pressure upon cylinder depletion. The manifold comes with Victor's two-year warranty, while maintaining a five-year warranty on the switchover mechanism itself. The 1000 Series models include an an economizer circuit to help prevent reserve cylinders from wasting gas due to venting to atmosphere.
  • New frame mounted design adds strength
  • Meets or exceeds all industry requirements
  • Modular concept for ease of repair
  • All models are fully automatic
  • Improved performance
  • Patent pending switchover unit
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