Varian ProStar 420 AutoSampler

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Varian ProStar 420 AutoSampler
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The Varian ProStar 420 AutoSampler is a versatile multifunctional autosampler, ideal for both routine analysis and method development. Impressive sampling technology is used to achieve the highest injection precision allowing the autosampler to inject from as little as 5 ìL volumes. Features like integrated solvent stream switching and column selection valves, plus the ability to accept multiple vial sizes provides outstanding flexibility. A unique double needle design ensures no more septum coring, bending or plugging of the sample needle, delivering exceptional reliability. 

Pressure Assisted Sampling (PAS) technique in combination with the 0.004 ìL dispensing precision, gives excellent injection precisions down to 1 ìL levels to satisfy the demands of research as well as for high throughput routine analysis laboratories For maximum flexibility the sample carousel is composed of 8 segments, each containing different vial sizes that can be mixed and matched. Vials ranging from 0.16 to 10 mL sizes can be used for injecting volumes ranging from 1 to 1000 ìL. A vial height sensor, guarantees consistant depth penetration of the sampling needle, independent of vial height variations up to a 48 mm (1.9 in.) size. 

A versatile reagent mixing routine enables aspirating and dispensing a programmed volume from any vial into any other vial found in the sample carousel. Using an aspirating/dispensing cycle with a programmable syringe speed makes automated pre-column derivatizations, dilutions, pH adjustments, etc., possible. Programmable sampling height routine allows injections from difficult samples such as two-phase mixtures or samples containing precipitates.

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