Standard Testing Sieve No. 140 106 Micrometer .0041 Inches W.S. Tyler 8" diam : NEW

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Standard Testing Sieve No. 140 106
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Full Height Sieves, Stainless Steel Wire and Frame, W.S. Tyler

Full height sieves are 5.08cm (2") high above stainless steel wire cloth

Each sieve is serialized and supplied with a “Test Sieve Certificate.” Sieves are marked with the USA Sieve Number. Sieves one millimeter and coarser are identified by opening in millimeters and inches; sieves finer, by opening in microns and inches.

Conform to ASTM E-11 specifications.

Overall height: 7.4cm (2.9"). Diameter: 20.3cm (8").
#140 106 µm (0.0042")
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