Powerex 3 HP Scroll Enclosed Air Compressor System Model SES130861

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Powerex 3 HP Scroll Enclosed
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The Powerex 3 HP Scroll Enclosed Air Compressor System Model SES130861 unit is designed to provide clean, dry air for industrial applications where the quality of the compressed air is critical. The standard unit is rated for a maximum of 115 PSIG. A higher pressure version (max. 145 PSIG) is also available. The unit is UL/CSA certified.

The system is constructed with an internal frame and steel base system with an individual vibration isolation mounted compressor module. The sound reducing enclosure has side access panels to allow service of the electrical controls. The enclosure has side cooling air intakes and all exhaust air leaves the enclosure from the right side. 

Each compressor shall be belt driven oil-less rotary scroll single stage, air-cooled oil-less construction with absolutely no oil needed for operation. The rotary design shall not require any inlet or exhaust valves and shall be rated for 100% continuous duty. Direct drive compressors shall not be used. Tip seals shall be of a composite PTFE material and be rated for 10,000 hours operation. Compressor bearings shall be external to the air compression chamber and shall all be serviceable for extended compressor life. Bearing maintenance shall not be required until 10,000 run hours. Compressors with bearings that are not accessible for service have a limited life span and shall not be accepted. Compressors shall have an integral radial flow fan for cooling and shall not require any additional electric cooling fans. Each compressor shall have flexible connectors on discharge.

Each compressor pump shall be provided with an electric drive motor, discharge check valve, an air-cooled after-cooler, and a high discharge temperature shut down switch. 

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