Ortec 935 Quad 200-MHz Constant-Fraction Discriminator

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Ortec 935 Quad 200-MHz Constant-Fraction Discriminator
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  • Constant-fraction timing on signals as narrow as 1 ns FWHM — ideal for microchannel plates, fast photomultiplier tubes, fast scintillators, and fast silicon detectors
  • Ultra-low walk, guaranteed <±50 ps (typically <±25 ps) over a 100:1 dynamic range 
  • Pulse-pair resolving time <5 ns
  • Quick and accurate walk adjustment with a zero-crossing signal monitor that displays the full amplitude range
  • Blocking or updating outputs with adjustable widths 
  • Selectable functions for each of the four channels include a fast veto input, individual gates with coincidence/anticoincidence options, and a bin gate

The Model 935 Quad 200-MHz Constant-Fraction Discriminator incorporates four separate and independently adjustable timing discriminators in a single-width NIM module.

Unit in perfect working order

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