NovelAire ComfortPlus 300 Whole House Dehumidifier: NEW

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NovelAire ComfortPlus 300 Whole House Dehumidifier
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High humidity can pose a host of issues besides simply being uncomfortable for us. Excess moisture levels can damage wooden furniture, flooring, sheetrock, foundations, and other inner-workings of a building. Additionally, many different types of businesses must monitor the humidity levels, since high humidity can ruin documents, supplies, machinery, cooking equipment, and more. Protect your investment and stay comfortable with a high-quality dehumidifier.

The NovelAire ComfortPlus 300 is designed for residential and small-scale commercial applications. It works well within areas of up to 3000 square feet, so it will work in areas ranging from basements and storage areas to bakeries and print shops. This model can be independently ducted or integrated within an existing A/C system. Since this is a desiccant dehumidifier, it will function in cold environments. This is a huge problem for traditional dehumidifiers, which can begin to frost over and slow down at temperatures under 60 degrees. NovelAire’s desiccant dehumidifiers are powerful, durable, and efficient; see below for a presentation of some of their technological innovation!

Perfect For Rooms Up To: 3000 sq. ft.;”Pints per Day=200″


Dimensions: (H) 30in x (L) 40in x (W) 22in
Weight: 220 lbs
Process Flow: 300 cfm
Power: 208/230v/60hz/1ph
1.5KW, FLA 6.7
(variable with load)
Control: 24 vac
Refrigerant: R-410A
Cooling Capacity: 9,000 Btu/hr
Dehumidification Capacity: 200 pints/day (78F, 60% RH)
Sized For: Up to 3000 sq. ft. typical

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