METTLER TOLEDO FBRM Lasentec S400A & 14mm Probe Portable Particle Characterization System

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Lasentec S400A & 14mm Probe
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System is complete and fully opperational.   Consists of:
Lasentec S400 Controller
Lasentec PI-14/206 probe
Laesentec S400 Mixers with controller and power supply

The system allows acquisition of particle size distribution as well as the statistic trends in real time. The measurement size range of FBRM is from 0.25μm to 1000μm every few seconds and can be operated in high concentration solution.


ModelS400(BOX) PI-14/206

Ultimate in Laboratory Flexibility The versatile FBRM® S400A is ideal for use in all types of laboratory vessels, including the METTLER TOLEDO EasyMax™ automated laboratory reactor. Its portability adds value for chemists working in multiple laboratories, or for the R&D team sharing equipment.

Integrated Probe and Computer The S400A comes with one 14mm plug-in (PI) probe. The controller connects via a single cable to a host computer running iC FBRM™ software. Its design allows substitution of a differentlength probe if desired.

Fixed Beaker Stand The S400A comes with a fixed beaker stand and mixer for instrument calibration and offline sample analysis. The fixed beaker stand holds a sample of material in a reproducible setup for repeatable measurements.

iC FBRM™ iC FBRM™ provides powerful data acquisition and interpretation tools which allow users to quickly evaluate FBRM® data. Intuitive report generation tools allow users to combine data from multiple FBRM® experiments with batch condition data and produce professional reports with a click of the mouse.

FBRM® S400A Technology FBRM® (Focused Beam Reflectance Measurement) is a real-time quantitative measurement tracking the rate and degree of change to particles, particle structures, and droplets as they actually exist in process. The inline FBRM® measurement enables engineers to quickly link particle system dynamics to process conditions. The portable S400A can be used for sample analysis or can be mounted in a smallscale laboratory vessel for real-time monitoring.

Technical Data

Portable Particle Characterization For Real-Time Monitoring 

Probe temperature range
Standard: -20°C to 90°C
Optional: -90°C to 120°C Pressure
Standard: 10bar
Optional: to most process requirements Detection range
0.5µm to 1000µm Dimensions
Probe head: 104mm x 60mm x 32mm
Probe length: 91 (206)mm overall; 9.5 (14)mm wetted end
Probe diameter: 9.5mm wetted end
Conduit diameter: 11.6mm
Conduit length: 3m
Controller case: 280mm x 190mm x 170mm Materials
Wetted portions of probe: alloy C-22
Probe window: synthetic sapphire

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