Leco BG-30 metallurgical Belt Sander 802-400-100

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Leco BG-30 metallurgical Belt Sander 802-400-100
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Unit in excellent condition.   Fully functional.

  • Wet or dry applications
  • Heavy-duty 1 HP (0.75 kW) motor
  • Enclosed belt tension mechanism
  • Safety guards to maximize operator safety
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum for all external surfaces

Electric Drive

Heavy-duty 1 (0.75 kW) motor provides you with superior HP spectrographic and metallographic sample preparation. Simple design makes it easy for any technician to develop proper techniques.

Improved Belt-Tension and Cleaning

The -30 and -32 both feature an improved, totally enclosed BG BG belt tension mechanism that effectively eliminates belt slippage, while improving drain flow. Debris removal is facilitated by means of a convenient clean-out access area, and clogging is minimized as a result of improved water flow to the belt.


Safety guards have been installed on either side of the grinding area to maximize operator safety.


The robustness of both grinders is enhanced through the use of corrosion-resistant aluminum for all external surfaces.

Wet or Dry Grinding

The -30 and -32 can be purchased separately or LECO BG BG combined with the redesigned front-load support stand and either the 20-gallon stainless steel recirculating system or the dust collector/stand. Combining the grinder with the dust collector or recirculating system makes it capable of either wet or dry grinding.

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