Quest Bell VanGuard V6500 Compact 6 Place Unit Clinical Centrifuge

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Hamilton Bell VanGuard V6500
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The Hamilton Bell VanGuard V6500 is an excellent choice for small labs, offices or educational settings that require basic tube centrifugation. It features a transparent cover that provides aerosol and splash protection and permits visual inspection of tubes. The power automatically shuts off when the cover is opened. A 60-minute timer accommodates timed spins. The constant speed motor and electronics are built for long life, smooth performance, and reliability. The motor is brushless induction, with a completely sealed rotor compartment. The unit reaches a maximum RPM of 3400 with a fixed angle design for optimum and efficient separation of blood and materials of varying densities and high deposition rates. The structural foam housing and polycarbonate cover are secured to a steel base.

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