EMI ESS 160-62-2-D Low Voltage Programmable Power Supply

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EMI ESS 160-62-2-D Low Voltage Programmable Power Supply
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10 kW Power Supply


Volts: 0-160

Amps 0-62

AC Input
480 VAC 5 wire 
50/60 Hz
Softstart AC inrush
Power Factor 0.93

Output Characteristics
Regulation: 0.1%
Stability: 0.05%
Efficiency: 85-91%
Transient Response: 650 microseconds for 30% load change (models up to 20 VDC)
Operating temperature: 0-50 deg C Full output, derate above 50 deg C

Protection Features
Adjustable Overvoltage
Low Line/Phase Loss

Front panel controls and remote analog resistance, voltage and current programming (standard);
0-5V and 0-10V (optional)
RS232 and IEEE-488 (optional)

Size: 19″ W x 8 3/4″ H x 22″ D
Weight: all models: 105 lbs. (50 kg)

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