B&R X20 CP 1485 X20-CP-1485 X20 CPU PLC with 4 Bus Modules: Ex Condition

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B&R X20 CP 1485 X20-CP-1485 X20 CPU PLC with 4 Bus Modules-1
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System comes with:

B&R X20  CP 1485 CPU System
256MB Silicon Memory Card
   X20 AO 4632
   X20 AT 2402
   X20 DM 9324
   x20 AI 2632


  • Intel Celeron 400 Performance with additional I/O processor
  • Ethernet, POWERLINK and USB onboard
  • 1 slot for modular interface expansion
  • CompactFlash as removable application memory
  • Fan-free
  • Extremely compact
Product description:
Material number:

The X20CP1485 is a powerful CPU for the X20 System. This CPU is especially useful for applications that require short cycle times, have to process very large amounts of data, or carry out floating point operations.

Ethernet and USB are onboard. In addition, the CPU has a POWERLINK connection for real-time communication. The only differences from the X20CP3485 are that the X20CP1485 only has one slot for interface modules and a smaller width.

The CPU models X20CP1485 and X20CP1485-1 differ only by SDRAM size.

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