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For several years we have been facing the burden of ever growing monthly fees and expenses associated with the marketing and sale of our products. We decided to create Eogie to provide an equal and cost free opportunity for other equipment dealers, vendors, auctioneers, Academia, the public and end users globally a venue to facilitate free trade.

Our original thought was to target our main industry but soon realized that every used equipment industry should be represented and here on Eogie we have attempted to cover all markets in a broad format so that B2B transactions can occur with out the hindrances of final transaction fees, Hosting fees, monthly recurring payment fees or end of sale finders fees.

Eogie goal is to provide access to the Global economies to aide in the purchase and sale of equipment as well as maintaining a green re-utilization campaign to allow items that are either new, remanufactured, as is or end of life parts units the chance to be recycled through out the world to avoid the filling and contamination of landfills and all other associated less environmentally friendly ways of disposal.

This site is designed for you to sign on, activate an account, use a standard or custom template to post the items you wish to sell, recycle, or post your equipment wanted wish list. Please take a few moments to review the site and register to become an active member of Eogie. We hope this site will be your most cost effective means of turning over your equipment and sourcing your wanted equipment and taking the important steps to realize a Green footprint for future generations to come.

Eogie opperates out of a 10,000 Sq Ft commercial building in Templeton Ma.   Feel free to drop by for a visit.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and we wish to welcome you to the Eogie community. 

403 Baldwinville Road, Templeton Ma 01468

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